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Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is the prime tourist area of ​​South Sulawesi, dubbed paradise of nature and culture. It has a wealth of natural and cultural beauty of the famous sights in the world. Tana Toraja region have an area 3.205.77 square kilometers, consisting of 15 districts, 116 valley (village), as well as 27 wards.

The topography of Tana Toraja is located in the hilly and mountainous hill areas. Around the region is comprised of 40% mountains, 38% plains, swamps and rivers 2%). The lowest part is the highest in the Bonggakaradeng and Rindinggallo. Under these conditions will make the rich diversity of natural and cultural objects that until now maintained and looked after.

Tana Toraja has a rich of cultural heritage which will not be found in the other hemisphere. Like for example: tourist Kambira (special tree baby graves), Kete Kesu, Londa, Batutumonga, Lemo staring, Bori, Lo'ko Eyes, Village Nanggala, Buntao, Marante, Art Carving Village, arum rapids on the river Sa'dan , hamlet patane, multicultural diversity funerals (signs solo), Silaga Tedong or attraction Sisemba (fighting distance).

There are shops in the city at the center of Rantepao for a variety of souvenirs and food typical Toraja, such as: Depa Tori, food made of glutinous rice mixed with brown sugar. These are small, crisp and sweet. There are also carved Toraja, which can be taken home and can make souvenirs, such as cloth weaving, sculpture, machetes and Tongkonan houses. All can be purchased at affordable prices.