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Calendar Event

Yogyakarta Celebration Day
calender.event Located in Yogyakarta city, it is notable for classical Javanese art, style and culture. Each year, the day Celebrations embrace these qualities through series of competitions, exhibitions, events and performances. A friendly atmosphere provides the event and guests unit invited to affix inside the celebrations and learn further regarding the region's proud and lusty culture.

  • Venue: Varied venues in Yogyakarta
  • Event cost: Varied.
  • Category: Performance and Music


Ramayana Ballet Performance
Prambanan perform: Varied dates from may up to New Style calendar month
Purawisata perform: All year
The Sanskrit literature Ballet could also be a performance that tells the story of Sanskrit literature, the classic Hindu tale of honor, magic and bravery. Performed on varied dates over six-month quantity, the Sanskrit literature Ballet involves several dancers and is performed throughout a terrific outside setting within the country's illustrious Prambanan temple sophisticated. Intrinsic in the-9 century, the temple is that the biggest sophisticated of its kind in Java and is notable throughout the entire of country for its spectacular beauty.

  • Venue: Prambanan Temple sophisticated
  • Address: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Event cost: Varied.
  • Category: Performance and Culture


Waisak Ceremony
Honored by Buddhist communities everyplace the earth, Vesak celebrates Buddha's birthday, enlightenment and death. The day is recognize on the eighth day of the fourth month inside the Chinese calendar and celebrations occur at Buddhist temples throughout Java and one among the foremost vital celebrations takes place at Borobodur temple, Magelang. This Buddhist monument was inbuilt the ninth century and provides a surprising scenery for the occasionally. The evening is particularly spectacular once the entire computer twinkles with the lights of thousands of candles lit by monks and Buddhist devotees.

  • Venue: Borobodur temple
  • Address: Borobudur temple, Magelang
  • Event cost: Varied.
  • Category: Celebration and Spectacle


Botanical Garden Day
Regarded as one among the simplest public gardens in country, the Bogor life science Gardens could also spectacular computer covering a section of eighty seven hectares (about 217.5 acres) and filled with terrific plants, flowers and trees. It had been supported in 1817 by George Carl Reinwardt a German administrative unit studied in European country and affected to country where he became the Director of agricultural business, arts and sciences for Java and conjointly the neighbor islands. To this day, the park continues to garner international acclaim along of the simplest gardens inside the region. Annually it celebrates its origination with a program of special exhibitions, seminars, workshops and shows.

  • Venue: Bogor life science gardens
  • Address: Juanda street No 13, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia
  • Event cost: Varied.
  • Category: Nature and life