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Ulen Sentalu Museum

Ulen Sentalu Museum is one in every of Javanese culture and art museums within the Yogyakarta. The deposit was galvanised by the love of a family Sultan grew up within the batik and textiles influenced  the love of a grew up within the surroundings of batik and textiles. In 1970, several ancient batik was hunted person by collectors, later those who love a lot of with batik supported a foundation to avoid wasting ancient batik.

They select Ulen Sentanu museum to show and carry on some ancient batik. This effort was received positive response from the four member of the dominion of Mataram family. They were been board foundation, Sri Paduka Paku Alam VIII (Pengageng Pura Paku Alaman 1937-1998), Sunan Pakubuwono XII (Sultan of Kasunanan, Surakarta 1945-2004), Ratu Gusti Alit KGPH Kanjeng Poeger (Uncle of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat 1989), and Nurul Kusumawardhani (Princess Consort Sri Mangkunegara VII).

The Ulen Sentalu museum was received a grant of non public things to complete the gathering. When enter the museum will be able to see manuscripts and historical images of the palace likewise as alternative fascinating pictures of individual and event throughout the Colonial era. There square measure varied artfacts, and plenty of images together with painted portraits of assorted sultans and conjointly their family. The detail of the deposit is dominated by lovely design that its construct to harmonise nature and human. The is construct of DR. KP. Samuel Widyadiningrat.

It has 2 main buildings, 1st Guwa Selo Giri (catacomb) and second, Village Kambang (complex of buildings on the lake water). Village Kambang is made of Sekar Kedaton Bale, Pendapa wedding Jogja venue, Batik Yogyakarta and Surakarta venue and Pesisiran Batik venue. The deposit collections square measure keep in Selo Giri cave and Campoeng Kambang or Kembang village.