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Tembi Village

Tembi is one in every of village in Timbulharjo, Sewon district, Bantul, regarding 10 kilometres from town of Yogyakarta. The village is known as a place of handicrafts Mendong and Pandan. In this village, additionally see primary the activities of the village residents, starting from farming, raising up their ancient arts.
Various export quality handicrafts are created population here. The village could be a workshop wherever native materials of top quality processed by hand. The handicraft specialists to be prepared for export to any or all over the country. In this village there's additionally a Tembi Cultural House that occupies a surface area of ​​3000 square meters and was established starting in 2007. The building is meant with Java design, 1st it functioned as a middle of cultural and humanities activities.
In this place there square measure varied collections of objects of art and culture, starting from the marquee buildings within the content with a collection of Javanese ensemble, gallery or depository area to the library. Depository collections have reached thousands from the art tools, ancient weapons, child toys, batik instrumentation, room appliances to any or all ethnic Javanese.