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Sewu Temple

Sewu temple was found at the north of Prambanan temple and this can be the second largest Buddhist temple advanced in Java. Restoration is professionally current to succeed in its original type. It is a figure, manifesting the universe within the center temple of Mahadeva, enclosed by 4 rings of 250 smaller temples of Gods. Sewu temple advanced is found in Prambanan temple park space, concerning 800 meters to the north of Rara Jonggrang temple. The fact that the temple was designed close to Prambanan temple and it could be a Hindu temple indicated that the Hindus and Buddhists lived in harmony.
The main temple has one main area and 4 tiny rooms of doorways to the temple. The east door is the main door to the most area. That is why most temple faces the east. The structure has 9 roofs, every one of them forms a Stupa on the highest. It's believed to be a royal temple and was one among the spiritual activity center within the past. Supported the inscription dated back to 792 AD, which was found in 1960, the name of the temple advanced was most likely "Manjus Rigrha" (the house of Manjusri). Manjusri is one among God in Buddhist teaching.
Sewu Temple most likely inbuilt the 8th century at the top of Rakai Panangkaran administration. Rakai Panangkaran (746 - 784 AD) was a preferred king from the recent of Mataram kingdom. H.C Cornelius studied the temple first in 1807. Garden State Krom did the primary anthropology study in 1923.