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Ratu Boko Temple

On the slope of tableland, dominating of Prambanan temple and with read to mount Merapi behind Prambanan temple advanced, lies remains of once grand palace. The palace is called Ratu Boko, when a King Boko of native lore, however the important owner of the palace is additional seemingly to own been king of phratry.

The position provides read warrant royalty, however additionally it is potential that the situation was chosen for strategic reasons, because the structures conjointly show signs of being fortified and a dry trench was used for extra security. Grand stone gates, designed on 2 levels, area unit the biggest and most frequently photographed structures of the location. It is clear that these cause what was once settlement, that sets Ratu Boko excluded the opposite archaeological sites in Central Java that entirely non-secular in nature.

The top tableland is split into terraces that separated by stone’s wall and stone faced fortifications. The most residence is believed to own been designed on collection of stone foundations with timber structure for pillars and roof. The timber components are not any longer in it, however the stone base shows the size of the residence. Throughout the realm realize tiny Hindu and Buddhist temples and structures, fountain adorned bathing space, bathing house, crematorium, multiple caves, district used as public hall.

In the year of 1790 the Netherlander Van Boeckholtz found ruins and over time analysis was done. In the year of 1838, the Dutch commenced of restoration work. In 1952 Indonesian government took the reign and has continued work since they had it. Ratu Boko temple is on top hill and evacuation trenches system and water storage ponds was developed to take care of water.