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Rafting Serayu

The supply of the stream water comes from mount Dieng that lies at the north west, flows right down to the center mountain of Java. By that condition, it makes gradient at the 2 places and steep grade that is extremely challenge for rafters category III - IV. The rafting challenge starts from Selomerto village - Wonosobo, and will be finish in Singomerto village Banjarnegara. The length of rafting is 19 kilometers and takes between 3 and 4 hours in rafting.
In the middle of rafting journey, the rafter might take a rest will have a young recent coconut and acquire images for the raft memory here. The rafting journey are continued for one more grade and can pass flat water, which place a decent for the sport and simulation. You will be able to get your own expertise and satisfaction for this journey and bathtub space are ready once price once you end.

  • Location: Wonosobo
  • River’s name: Serayu
  • Length Distance: 19 km
  • Length of raft: 3.5 hours
  • Grade level: III - IV
  • Start Point: Selomerto village
  • Finish Point: Singomerto village


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