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Rafting Elo

River of Elo lies within the middle between 2 temples, Borobudur and Mendut, encircled by mount Merbabu, Merapi, and Menoreh hill. The beginning purpose of  rafting Elo is from Blondo village regarding 9 kilometers southern of Magelang town. With 37 little and large grades that II – III, it is dedicated for the beginner or fun family recreation rafting program.
In the middle of rafting journey, the rafter will have a rest time with young fresh coconut and acquire pictures for the raft memory there. The rafting Elo continued  for an additional grades and can pass flat water, which place a decent for the sport or simulation. The journey are finish in Mendut village and acquire to the expertise and satisfaction, bathtub space are ready to be used.

  • Location: Blondo village, Magelang
  • River name: Elo
  • Length distance: 10 kilometer
  • Length of raft: 1.5 hours
  • Grade: II – III
  • Start point: Blondo bridge
  • Finish point: Mendut bridge


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