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Kasongan Village

The sign at doorway hospitable guests to Kasongan village is typical of unique villages in Java Island, Indonesia. Several villages here are signboard with its name they own. But for succeeding 500 the retailers and stalls lining either side of the road is not least typical of alternative villages. On show area unit several lovely, exquisite and distinctive art items and objects on show.

Kasongan is ancient pottery village, churning out of standard home merchandise purchasable, like plates, bowls, cups, ashtrays, flower vases, tables and stools among its retailers. However, it is additionally produces pretentious knickknacks and handicrafts of animal figures of variable sizes. They enclosed horses, lions, elephants, monkeys, likewise because the legendary dragon and eagle.

There were additionally vibrant statuettes of individuals in variable poses; intake, drinking, dancing, smoking pipe, farm cultivation, taking part in musical instruments. The foremost common being the native Loro Blonyo bridal couple sitting along “politely”, believed to bring smart luck in to the house if owns collection. It is not marvel several hotels in Indonesia have them at their lobbies. There have been additionally larger, large statues purchasable and one that invariably caught the attention was the reaper death.