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Kalisuci Cave

Washed away following the drift of Kalisuci stream. You float down within the underground rivers. It is a very marvel expertise. contend in distinctive cave with a cluster of whacky and sparkling with the wonder of cylinder formations. therefore make sure to bring on waterproof camera. are available the cryptically realm wherever the stream breaks through into the underground. It's solely head lamp to steer the manner.

'This tube cave is that the mixture of rafting and caving. Kalisuci Cave tube is found at Pacarrejo, Semanu, GunungKidul, that is 60km from the centre of Yogyakarta. It will take concerning a pair of hours to urge there. Getting the Kalisuci cave tube will be reach by mistreatment non public vehicles, like cars and motorbike. The condition of the road that consists of bends, steep grades, and karst needs sensible vehicle to face the journey. Before found out base camp, the participants got to hike on the road that is stuffed with little stones.
The participants of Kalisuci cave tube got to undergo the route as so much as five hundred metres with the depth from 1 - 3 meters. It wants a pair of hours to treat thoroughly the cave, begin from Kalisuci cave, Senglat, Geleng and finish in Mburi Omah cave. Stream down into the cave together with your inner tubes. You have got to sit down and relax in your tubes. Take you thru a labyrinth of caves, every as dark as night however stuffed with fascination discoveries. If the visitor yearn for the cave tube tour in Kalisuci that would like not forget it.