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Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave located in Jetis village, Semanu, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. It is 50 Kilometre from Yogyakarta or about 10 kilometre from Wonosari. Jomblang cave is a vertical cave, which was formed by geological process when the soil and all vegetation on it collapsed thousands years ago. The sinkhole cave is about 50 meters in diameter then became the mouth of cave. This vertical sinkhole is locally called as luweng and the cave is known as Luweng Jomblang.

The adventure will start with an attempt to go down to this vertical cave, with the depth between 40 and 90 meters, using ropes from the mouth of the cave. The visitors will be guided by a team of trainers from Jomblang resort who experts in their field and give the instruction for beginners.

The visitors can choose from 4 different tracks with varying heights, accompanied by local professional adventure guide to explore the cave. The first track future is 15 meters of a steep slope followed by around 20 meters Single Rope Technique (SRT) descend. Another 3 tracks present higher challenges since visitors must descend the SRT line from higher altitudes: track A is 80 meters, track B is 60 meters, and track C is 40 meters.

While the adventure to the bottom cave offers an unforgettable, the grand prize awaits down below. At the bottom, visitors will find lush large trees, mosses, ferns, and shrubs. This is called primeval forest is formed by the initial vegetation that continue to grow after its plunge episode and have attained great age without significant disturbance, thereby an exhibiting unique ecological features.