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Water Castle

Water Castle commenced throughout the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I (1755 - 1792), the primary of Yogyakarta state and it was completed by Sultan Hamengkubuwono II. However, he had already been called a washing place referred to as Pacethokan spring since Sunan Amangkurat IV reign (1719 - 1726). Consistent with Mamana book of the Palace, the project leader for development of water Castle was Tumenggung Mangundipura. He had traveled to Batavia to be told regarding to European design, that was the reason why the design of Water Castle has marked of European vogue. The Madiun regent was Raden Rangga Prawirasentika, participated in funding the development of garden frock. Prawirasentika conjointly base to be eased of Madiun tax obligation. He offered alternative ways of payment and Sultan Hamengkubuwono accepted his proposal.

In 1758, Sultan commanded the regent to supervise the creating of bricks and varied enhances, which might be wont to build an attractive garden. Sultan wished an area wherever he might pay it slow to relax when a few years of wars that he had simply practiced. Raden Tumenggung Mangundipura, below direction of Raden Arya Natakusuma who became Sri Pakualam II after worth and was to blame for the development. The building was started in 1684 Javanese year Javanese year (1758 AD). When sorting out however massive complicated was, Raden Rangga Prawirasentika realised that the price would are larger than the tax. He resigned from the project and was replaced by aristocrat Natakusuma continuing the project to completion.

Water Castle was designed 3 years when the Giyanti agreement as a resting place for Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. The complicated consists of regarding fifty nine buildings together with a place of worship, meditation chambers, swimming pools and a series of eighteen water gardens and pavilions encircled by artificial lakes. The complicated was effectively used between 1765 - 1812.