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Wooden puppet was created for the first time in the 17 century, but none knew who was created. The Javanese people believe that puppet show performance is a ritual communication between human and soul of old generation. They believed about Animism which has influence by Hinduism, and that was the beginning of country started from a kingdom. That was written in a book of Ramayana and Mahabarata and continued to Kediri and Majapahit kingdom.

The wooden puppet is one of the arts which is owned by Indonesia is quite famous throughout the world. This Puppet Art was made from a wooden statue with the form and characters are different from each other. One of the success factors of performance art Marionette Puppet is from wood sculpture. In the manufacture of wooden sculptures for Marionette Puppet is not arbitrary.

Products are made ​​in the Marionette Puppet souvenirs by agencies that exist in Indonesia. Also been achieved in many parts of the world. The puppet shows is much demand by foreign tourists, as: America, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Japan, Africa and many more.

The Marionette Wooden Puppet making process from start to finish and it made about 1 day. Starting from selecting the right wood, the carving to painting Marionette puppet. While that attracted many tourists generally choose puppet characters of Rama and Shinta. They are well known in Indonesia's version is Romeo and Juliet.