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Leather Puppet

Leather handicraft home made is one of the promising industries of community, particularly in Yogyakarta as tourist attraction place. Indonesia has a rich of cultures and handicrafts product are very diverse. The handicraft products produced consists of various raw materials and one of them is made from leather. With the basic ingredients of skin, use the art of inlaid decoration can be made using the skin as a media of creation. Produced a form of puppets, wall hangings, ordinary fans, miniature puppets, bookmarks, calligraphy, lampshades, picture frames, hand fan and many more.

This craft is the main decoration inlaid leather puppets are a craft that combines of art and history in shadow puppets show. It is due to make a shadow puppet required a willingness to learn and high power creativity, tenacity and a high sense of devotion of puppet story. Shadow puppets as the heritage culture from Yogyakarta Kingdom, it is expected to be an example of a legacy that still maintained and preserved for the continued existence of shadow puppets, especially as the identity of Yogyakarta.

Inlaid decoration craft industry has developed a lot over the years. This craft industry has been known by the foreigner. There still community of leather craft maker in Karangasem and Wukirsari villages of Bantul. There are many home industrial centers of painting craftsmen chisel. Nearly 80% of the population has a profession as craftsmen inlaid decoration.