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Gudeg food is a native food from Yogyakarta Indonesia. It made from young jack fruit, steamed cooking and mix with coconut milk in serving. The coconut milk is liquid taken from extract coconut and kluwak as a flavour. Generally the pot cooking is made of metal or clay. In this case can say that the Gudeg is hard boiled on clay pot gets totally different style, additional cooked and characteristic on the aroma smells nice.
Every Gudeg cookers have their secret recipes are passed down from generation to generation. In Yogyakarta, there is a renowned Kampung Wijilan where gudeg has being created on ancient approach by fuel and clay pots. Tasty Gudeg caused it served with hot rice, vegetable, chicken, egg, and krecek. Krecek is made from cow skin and cooked season mixture with coconut milk and leguminous plant bean. Tempe is native food made of fermentation of leguminous plant bean.

You can realise Gudeg early within the morning at 05.00 am - 08.00 pm, being a favourite breakfast menu. Generally Gudeg merchant conjointly open at 08.00pm till 04.00 am. Those will be associate degree early breakfast if get there. Costumers are not served by luxury place atmosphere, as eating stall house or nutrition, however simply sit at the pedestrian or at very little chairs front of the food. Throughout eat Gudeg food, that will be able to sit around with the vendor or everybody come back there. Some sellers have been merchandising Gudeg from 10 years ago. Take a coupon chat with the vendor and will find superb stories behind of Gudeg.