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Pentingsari Village

Pentingsari village is a style of integration between attractions, accommodations and support facilities square measure conferred during the structure of society that blends tradition with procedures and policies. Pentingsari village formally became tourist village education center started from April 15 '2008, consistent to the District business workplace Sleman range 556/336. Presently, Pentingsari business village or higher referred to as the God of Peri become the most effective traveler of a village in Yogyakarta.
The village is located on the slope of Mount Merapi, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Some of the alternative attraction around mount Merapi and enclosed into traveler space of Kaliadem village. This village has easy accessibility to the accomplishment of Yogyakarta as a result. It is settled on the main street to Golf Merapi, that has some far-famed attractions like edifice directions. Visit current quite lovely Pentingsari village, you are not solely spoiled by the gorgeous panorama of villages. Distinctive rural atmosphere is cool, however, the visitor conjointly with a range of activities, facilities, and learn daily activities of the villagers.
Facilities: homestay, meeting room or Pendopo, encampment and departing, fishing pool, parking area, trek line.
Activities: village trekking, outbound fun game, dance performance, learning Javanese ensemble music, learning batik handy craft, mushrooms harvest, learning classical Javanese dance and lava tour trip.