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Krebet Village

Krebet villages located in Sendangsari, Pajangan District, about 12 kilometers southwest of Yogyakarta city. The Krebet village is open for everyone or tourists to learn batik wood, local activities, homestay and the daily lives of people produce wooden batik. Various wooden batik products, such as masks, jewelry boxes, animal figuring like cat, giraffe, fox, geese, and others, slippers, wooden puppet people, wooden puppet and others can be purchased relatively cheaply.
Other interesting that can be done is learning batik puppet of wood-based materials. Batik wooden puppet surely will give different sensations. The batik process will even require care because the pattern is made manually, not printed as batik cloth. The motive that you learn while making batik in this village is the classic motif of palace style, as Parangbarong, Parang Rusak, Kawung, Garuda, Sidomukti, Sidorahayu, and other motives. The wooden batik craft from here is very famous to other countries market.
In addition to learning batik wooden puppet, also can learn how to climb coconut trees to take the water from the tree, commonly used as raw material sugar. Also around teak wood forest packet by using the jeep and enjoy the local meal orchard, vegetable, jack fruit cuisine mixed soya bean, dent and legend plain and others.