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Sari Temple

Sari temple is an attractive temple form of slender and exquisite. It is prime consists of 9 identical stupas in 3 levels. The temple was found 150 meters at the northeast of Kalasan temple. It was found in the year 1929, the temple was restored till 1930. The body of the temple is square, formed on size 17.30 x 10 x 17 meter facing to the east, with stairs because of the east entrance. On both sides of the temple have a window.
There are 3 rooms and all are connected through a door. The temple was in all probability level and therefore the prime level was fabricated from wood. This can be famous from holes on the body of the temple to position the tip of woods.
At the north wall and therefore the south ground space and there are throne accessories by Kalamakara. On the temple’s surface, their area 36 statues of God and Tara, 8 on the East, 8 on the South, 8 on the North, and 12 on the West. Largely the sculpture is in Tribangga position and holding red and blue lotus. The out wall of the temple is jam-packed with Bajralepa relief. Supported by sculpture and God’s relief and all is the nonsecular background of Buddhist temples.
Moreover, the space division indicates that Sari temple was used as Vihara or monks’ boarding house. The year of the institution isn't nevertheless famous, however from the information of Vihara’s existence within Kalasan epigraph. Sari temple is in within the same era with Kalasan temple, which was built in a the-8th century.