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Sambisari Temple

Sambisari temple settled in Purwomartani village, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The temple is just 15 kilometers from Yogyakarta at the North East area. Sambisari is Hindu Shiva temple built the 9th century. Sambisari temple was designed by Rakai Garung of Mataram Hindu's period in the Syailendra Dynasty.
Sambisari temple was discovered out of the blue once a farmer operating in his field accidentally hit solid object within the ground together with his hoe. He presently complete that it was a carved stone. Following up the invention, Yogyakarta archeology workplace conducted necessary examination and excavation. In 1966, supported the report, specialists all over that temple was hidden at the positioning, below the sand and rock sent by mount Merapi and it erupted in 1906. The reconstruction and restoration of the temple finished in 1987.
Sambisari temple is unseen from a distance because it stands regarding 2.5 meters below the bottom. It is believed that the encircling ground accustomed be no beyond the temple. The sand and rock sent from mount Merapi but buried the complete space, together with the temple. Because of the result, Sambisari temple is lower than its neighbors. The world around the temple has been cleared out and organized, associate degree currently the temple is on an open square, with steps on every of 4 corners.
Sambisari temple compound is enclosed by double enclosures. The outer court is 50 x 48 meters square by low Stone Walls, whereas the inner court square measure encircled by 2 meters tall, 50 centimeters broad. On all sides of the walls, there's associate degree entrance while not gate or any decoration. Sambisari Temple consists of 1 main temple and 3 supportive temples that square measure placed opposite with the main building.