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Shadow Puppet

Leather puppet is staging kind of entertainment shadows made ​​of rawhide, leather cow, buffalo or goat. There are various types of leather puppets it depends on the place where they come from. Puppet is the traditional art of Southeast Asia including the region of Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is mainly grown in Southern Thailand, the region of Phattalung, East Java and north of peninsular Malaysia as in Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis, and Terengganu. Shadow Puppets performance played by the puppeteer, who is also as narrator's dialogue puppet figures and accompanied by Gamelan music played by Nagaya group and songs.
The mastermind stays behind the shadow puppet play screen, the screen made ​​of white cloth. While the taillights with oil lamps or candlesticks, the audience who are on the opposite screen can see shadow puppets are in color. To understand the story of puppet play, the audience must know actor characters Hindus culture. Shadow puppets are more popular in Central Java and East Java, while Marionette Puppet more often played in West Java.


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