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Sonobudoyo Museum

Sonobudoyo museum was built in November 1935, and it was designed by Netherlands designer, he was Kersten. This museum was made in ancient Javanese style design. It exhibits weapons, animal skin and wood puppets theatre, masks, statues, textiles, curios, and previous Javanese ensemble instruments.
Sonobudoyo museum lies at the northern face of the city's main square ahead of the Sultan's Palace building. The museum sat on the side of the north square of Sultan's palace and It was inbuilt 1935 in keeping with Javanese design. The design of entrance resembles the house’s doorway of God in Kudus within to thanks to that area and main Joglo structure, those are connected whereas Kudus is the most ancient city in Java Island beside Kotagede.
The Sonobudoyo museum as second most complete assortment of cultural art facts when the central museum in Jakarta, like ceramic from the New Stone Age, statues and bronze articles from the 10 century originating from Central Java temples, numerous styles of masks and shadow puppet, ensemble or orchestra, ancient weapon assortment, the looms and art facts from island. Sonobudoyo museum is the additionally remarkable library that keeps numerous ancient books associated with Javanese culture.