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Yogyakarta' people are certainly familiar with Malioboro as the main street in town. It is a well-known name in Yogyakarta town and as the high light of the city. Located in the city center and Malioboro is a very attractive place for foreign and domestic tourists to visit. This is a center spot of activity with plenty of people walking around, shopping, enjoy some old-style buildings or just visit to enjoy what happened there.
It is a large place of bouquet every time the court held a celebration event fitted with a name that means Malioboro wreath. Malioboro lies in the middle of town and it has a lot of shops, offices, restaurants, 5-star hotels and many relic buildings of Colonial style. The street is one of struggle basis of the Dutch Military Aggression 2 in 1948.
Malioboro is famous as a paradise of souvenir and shopping center of Yogyakarta. Visitor can find plenty of souvenirs, which made from paper, wood, bamboo, iron, and others. At the south part of Great House or Gedung Agung stand a President Palace and Vredeburg museum. As the sun sets on the western horizon, the street and shops started to glow, glitter to add atmosphere around Malioboro, the food stalls open.
Jogja typical cuisine food such as catfish, Gudeg cuisine and that can be enjoyed here. Besides that, there some oriental cuisine of seafood or Padang food. Feeling comfortable to sit cross-legged in the stall food at sidewalk street with the lights around and accompanied by little entertainment of memorable songs by the street musicians.