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Sundak Beach

Sundak beach lies in Wonosari and it set shortly from Kukup beach, which is around 3 kilometers away. Despite the little beach, Sundak Beach offers to motivate of beauty. It is not a crowded beach like Kukup or Baron, so the visitor able to fancy the sweetness of the beach. Sundak beach offers stunning white sand on well with the massive rocks and there is a cave created from the rocks.
Sundak name was taken from the story springs from Asu (dog) and Landak (gnawing animal). This place was a battle area of dog and a gnawing animal. Eventually won by the dog, so the native resident of the beach is known as Sundak beach. If you wish to vacation with the atmosphere of an unspoiled beach, this place is the right choice to get and selected.
Sundak beach could be reached by land about 3 hours from Yogyakarta town. Sundak marine life will be seen clearly within the receding shore. Starting from little fish that swim within the holes of water corals, ocean urchins are the comparatively little size. Fills the holes within the water corals, ocean stars snaking varied sizes additionally. However, some are currently beneath means within the desert ocean grass place to eat and seek out enough massive sea hares. Indicates ocean water at the beaches are quite awake of pollutants as a result of these animals are very sensitive.