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Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis beach lies 27 kilometres south part of Yogyakarta. It is often achieved through Parangtritis Street, wit straight road or extended route, however the scenery additional stunning is thru Imogiri and Siluk villages. Parangtritis beach is ramps, with rocky hills, coastal scenery, white sand and stone hills. In this space guests will wander the beach with okra and rented horses and steered by native population, additionally as recreation place. This beach is additionally sacred place, several guests who comes back to meditate. The beach is one ceremony’s place people of Yogyakarta Palace.

The wind was processing onerous as not be outdone by pounding waves of median height of 2-3 meters. Usually there's traveler was detected south coast waves anxious. Astonishingly, the bodies of tourists that fateful, disappeared sort of enveloped by the world. Average rescue team might solely realised the body 2 or 3 days later when conducting searches. Typically, the placement of bodies invention don't seem to be in neighbour wherever guests are enveloped waves. Bodies were found many meters, generally even many kilometres from the location happened.

Among the local people, such mysterious events, reinforce parable that marine authorities, usually referred to as Nyi Roro Kidul (Queen of the South Sea), likes to "eliminate" those who doesn't heed the principles of nature. From the scientific aspect, such incidents any strengthen the speculation that the ocean trench south of Java is loaded undercurrent that continues to maneauver. Any item that swept wing the waves of beach, dragged down and drop in numerous locations.