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Parangkusumo Beach

Parangkusumo is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta that's referred to as sacred in Parangtritis beach. In Javanese culture and tradition, Parangkusumo beach is taken into account because the main entree to the seas charming Palace, the South Queen dominated the Indian Ocean. Kind of events, each from the Palace and therefore individuals dole out at Parangkusumo beach.
Series of Melasti ceremony of Nyepi is well known by the Hindu non-secular community. There is additionally Labuhan ceremony in Parangkusumo as an emblem of remembrance of the bond and power between Jogjakarta’s Sultan and Queen of South Sea. This typically referred to as Labuhan ceremony procession.
Entering the gate of Parangkusumo beach, visitor can instantly feel the sacred nicety of the beach that's set around 27 kilometers south part of Yogyakarta. Smell the fragrance of flowers incense because the materials of offering the nicety may realize obscurity during this beach.
The sanctity of the place feels additional distinct after check out the scattered flowers of offerings on the Puri Cepuri Love Stone. It is a place where Panembahan Senopati and Queen of the South met and made an agreement. In that point, Senopati was meditating on the larger stone within the north once Queen of the South approached him on smaller stone within the south sea. That stone referred to as Love Stone.