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Ciater is one of favorite place to visit with family. The hot spring is a place where must be seen by anyone who traveled to Subang and surrounds. Interestingly, the hot springs come from mount Tangkuban Parahu, which located not far from it. Besides channeled into baths, hot water running down the river along 2 kilometers, which becomes cold and used to irrigate rice fields. According to local farmers, the hot spring can affect the water quality of the harvest than usual.
Ciater Hot Spring fascinating attractions with treats cool mountain air and views of the vast tea plantations. In addition to a comfortable atmosphere, it can also utilize the water for medical treatment. The content of sulfur is ideal for curing various diseases like paralysis, nervous disorders, rheumatism, bone, and various other skin diseases when done regularly. The Ciater Hot Spring is natural tourist attractions with treats cool mountain air and views of tea plantations will further add value to the experience when visiting this tourist place.