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Silinduang Bulan

Silinduang Bulan Palace has some uniqueness exciting to enjoy. From the style of the building, the Silinduang Bulan Palace of use style "Alang Babega", this is indeed different from other castles that are the most wear style Minangkabau Elephant building Maharam, Rajo Babandiang, Sitinjau Lauik and other styles. This is a special building style building "Alang Babega" where the king and family resided.

On the walls of the palace is decorated with various kinds of carvings. Like for instance: Aka Cino Pucuak Rabuang and mixed with glass decoration Tabentang Kalangik. In the jalousie on window decorated with a patterned Si translucent carving Manih pumice. Under the edge of the roof section called dampa-dampa decorated with three types of sculpture, namely: Banana Sasikek, Aka Cino and Tantadu Bararak. At the entrance there is also a vast range of sculptures such as: squirrel Managun, Saik diamond, Leaf Bodi, Bungo Lado, Fruit Palo Bapatah, Itiak Return Patang. Silinduang Bulan Palace is one house that has carved Relic Gadang Minang very beautiful and stunning. At the eaves Silinduang Bulan Palace has seven gonjong (title) that stands strong and majestic towering above.

In the courtyard stands two rangkiang. Rangkiang is rice storage Pagaruyung Royal family. Second rangkiang was named Si and Si-bayau bayau Review Lauik. As the royal court and the Palace Silinduang Pagaruyung Current month is still a lot to keep things the Government estate Pagaruyung treated very well. Inheritance is interesting to see the government and observed.