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Wonosari tea plantation is located in Toyomarto village, Singosari, Malang. It has an area ​​approximately 1.144 hectares and is divided into 3 parts; Gardens Wonosari Toyomarto, Singosari, Gardens in Wonorejo Gebug Lor, District Lawang, and Garden Court in Raden Ambal-Ambal, District of Kejayan.
In addition to the vast panorama of tea gardens and beautiful tea gardens also serve recreation, hotel accommodation, and sports facilities. To surround the vast tea gardens, there is a mini train that will deliver around. Tea garden also has a heated swimming pool, so you can warm up in the cold air.
Other interesting sights have seen the processing of the tea plantation for exports. Processing of tea through several processes including receiving tea shoots, the process of withering, rolling, fermenting, drying, sorting, packing process and then shipping.
The tea gardens also have center Wonosari’s gift that not only sells tea but also a variety of food and crafts surrounding residents. The tea garden is the right if you want to look for fresh air free of pollution. Wonosari village is a wonderful place to breathe the fresh mountain air and see the expanse of greenery soothing tea gardens eye.