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Penataran Temple

Penataran is a Hindu temple, it lies in Penataran village, Nglegok district, Blitar, East Java province. The temple is located at the foot of Mount Kelud, it makes the air cool in Penataran temple and surround. This Hindus temple complex is the largest and most well-preserved monument in East Java. Penataran temple is rich with various reliefs, statues, and Hindus style structures. There are some Kala sculptures, Ganesha, Dwarapala statues, and relief of Ramayana Hindus story as proof that the temple is Hindu.
There is Palah inscription in Penataran temple area indicate that the temple was built around the year of 1.194. That was in the reigned by Syrenggra of Kediri kingdom and finished by Majapahit kingdom period. That is why, it can say that the temple is through the three great kingdoms archipelago, namely: Kadiri, Singasari and Majapahit kingdom. The temple has an important role of the royal kingdom, which is used as the appointment of the king as well as a place for worship or ceremony of Brahma God, as the god of Creator.
Described in the book of Negarakertagama written by Mpu Prapanca, which explains that Penataran temple was highly respected by kings and royal officials in the East Java region. Penataran temple has been never stored the ashes of king Ken Arok as the founder of Singasari kingdom. It was not to keep ashes of king Raden Wijaya Kertarajasa Jayawardhana or as the founder of Majapahit kingdom. According to local folk legend, Gajah Mada declared the Palapa Oath to unite the whole archipelago in the power of Majapahit and that was spoken on Penataran temple.