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Karimunjawa is island chain stretching exceedingly northwesterly direction 83 kilometers from Jepara. This archipelago is a cluster of 27 islands within the Java Ocean. The reefs area is a combination of fringing, barrier, and patch with bottom depths starting from 15 up to 40 meters.
The name of Karimunjawa is taken from the Javanese language 'Kremun Kremun Saking Tanah Jawi' addressed by one in every of Walisongo (the 9 Saints who had introduced Islam in Java) to explain however so much this mini-land from Java, to be precise from the port of Jepara. Stands from 27 islands, this mini-land became Marine Park and it is sort of treasure for people, who love marine life. Here are often found protected coral reefs, secluded and tranquil white beaches, Pelecaniformes seabird and Coraciiformes bird, ocean grass and styles of ocean creatures, from red snappers, crab, anchovy, jellyfish, starfish, sharks, stingray.
The Marine Park of Karimunjawa is 110.000 hectare and lies 90 kilometers northeast of Jepara in Central Java. It notice of angiospermous tree forest and beach forest. The park is known as once the most important island Karimunjawa. The vegetation consists chiefly of the angiospermous tree and beach forest, though there's some lowland rain forest on Karimunjawa. Most of the islands are enclosed by sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs. Water is confined to many little wells and forest streams on Karimunjawa. Variety of endemic animals continue to exist the island whereas on the beaches ocean turtles lay their eggs and common periodic event vary is 92 cm.
Although, it is not as far-famed the Marine reserves close to Ambon and Manado, has unexpectedly smart beaches, reefs, and beautiful ocean scopes. Corals appear to blossom in to gardens, with tremendous kind of kind and color fishers and marine plants. It lies 90 kilometers from Jepara and may be reached by boat. The sole ferry connecting Karimunjawa and Jepara. The resort offers beautiful dives and skin dive journeys for all kinds of divers from novice to expert. Fringing reefs, atolls, wrecks associate in superb kind of completely different species create diving in Karimunjawa for the haunting journey.