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Gedongsongo temple located is on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, precisely in Candi village, Ambarawa district, Semarang. The complex of Gedongsongo temple was built at the beginning of 9th century AD. Gedongsongo name derived from the Javanese language, which Gedong means building and Songo means nine. So the meaning of Gedongsongo word is The Nine Buildings.
The location where Gedongsongo temple is, it got fresh air, less pollution and with beautiful scenery. There is also neat pine forests and springs that contain sulfur. Gedongsongo temple is similar to Dieng temple complex in Wonosobo. The temple is located at an altitude of about 1.200 meters above sea level is cool temperature.
To reach the Gedongsongo temple, that could be done by walk as far as 200 meters away through the path. Visitor can utilize the services of horse transport for excursions around the temple sights Gedongsongo overall. In the year of 1740, Loten found the complex of Gedongsongo temple and Raffles recorded with the Gedong Pitoe in the year of 1804, because it was found 7 temples only. Van Braam made publication in the year 1925, Friederich and Hoopermans make note of Gedongsongo temple in the year of 1865. Van Stein Callenfels to the Gedongsongo temple complex research in 1980 and Knebel Gedongsongo conduct an inventory in the year of 1910.