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Sendangsono is the main Catholic holy place, which lies on Banjaroyo, Kalibawang, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. It is journey cave of female parent, that was managed by parish St. Maria Lourdes in Promasan, northwest of Yogyakarta. Sendangsono is reached solely concerning 15 minutes from the high means of Wates, by taking smaller road resulting in the side. The tiny road goes to be noteworthy expertise for those that visit the place. Cars will simply withstand the winding road.
By entering Sendangsono, that will be welcomed by an excellent cross path begins from church set on the below space of Sendangsono. The cross path has length more and less 1 kilometer to the last stoppage higher than water spring. Not solely used for a journey from around Indonesian pilgrims on the month of the female parent on could and Gregorian calendar month. It is additionally employed by the pilgrims to require water that is believed will cure diseases.
Sendangsono is an individual area in between Borobudur to Boro Kulonprogo or the other way around. Some people say, that Sendangsono was visited by many monks to get spring water by the time and it existed between 2 Sono trees. The history of Sendangsono pilgrimage place cannot be separated from Romo Van Lith SJ, a Dutch ecclesiastic who has been lived in Java for durable. Therefore, Sendangsono pilgrimage could not be separated from the circle of Catholic in Java Islands.