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Sendang Sriningsih

Sendang Sriningsih or hot springs of Sriningsih history begins in the year of 1934. The time when D. Hardjosuwondo SJ Jesuit stationed in Jali village and this place previously visited was named Sendang Duren. Unnerved by the spiritual aura, then developing locations around as pilgrimage place and finally gave a name to Sendang Sriningsih intermediary means God's blessing people.
Once arrived there, go ahead and start the process of worship by following routes cross. The planned routes form a scaffold that came up, nearly 900 meters long. As in general cross routes, there is cross relief, which tells about the journey of Jesus shouldered the cross. During follow the route, could say their prayer. Way of the cross will end up in small junction, turn right and will find a large crossroad with a statue of Jesus at the cross glued. The location was named Persis like name of the hill where Jesus was crucified, that the hill of Golgotha​​. The pilgrims may light candles under the cross and prayer.
When visit ahead of the location of Sendang Sriningsih Maria Cave, can turn to the left of the small junction. According to the latest news that this holy place already becomes an underground lake and section of the border has been cemented. The top covered with zinc to keep the water clean as well. Prayer can take the spring water faucet in that place and many people say this spring water can cure various diseases.