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Radya Pustaka Museum

Radya Pustaka name was taken from 2 words of Indonesian, radya means govern and pustaka means letter. This building was used to be a living house and became a Letter Hall of Surakarta palace at the pas time. Now days, There many of Surakarta palace things are putt in that museum.

Radya Pustaka is a museum of the oldest in Indonesia, which built on October 28, 1890 by Duke Kanjeng Sosroningrat IV, a palace in the reign Pakoe Boewono IX and X. Radya Pustaka Museum also has a library that stores books and knowledge of the history of culture, art, tradition and literature both in the Old Javanese language and Dutch language as well.

Radya Pustaka Museum located at Slamet Riyadi street, housed within the complex Sriwedari Cultural Park. In the museum's stored collections of Radya Pustaka ancient objects that have a high value of art and history, including: stone and bronze statues of Hindu and Buddhist era, ancient dagger and a variety of traditional weapons, a set of tools gamelan instrument, leather puppet, beber puppet, a collection of ceramics and various other art items.

Radya Pustaka Museum also provides books on history, art and culture. Most of the books are written in the Java language and Dutch language. Radya Pustaka Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 08.30 am up to 13.00 pm and Monday is closed.