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Sangeh is one of the tourist attractions in Bali, that offers natural beauty nutmeg forest with hundreds of wild monkeys are tame. Located 25 kilometers north part of Denpasar, visited by tourists especially domestic tourists. Sangeh Monkey Forest offers natural beauty with authenticity ecosystem, homogeneous nutmeg 10 hectares. The tourists will be spoiled with fresh air and natural habitat of Sangeh forest.
In addition to the nutmeg trees, there is also famous vegetation in the forest, which is a female mixed male tree. The bottom of the tree is hollow to resemble female genitalia and amid a growing rod hole that leads to bottom and looks like male genitalia.
The macaque monkeys in sacred by locals, living wild in the woods and they remain benign. The tourists can mingle freely and take pictures with animal primates. In addition to monkeys as original inhabitants of Sangeh forest. Visitor can see the majestic history of Bali Island, where the site of the temple Bukit Sari. This temple was established since the 17th century by King Mengwi the adopted children of Anak Agung Made Anglurah Karangasem.