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Goverment Museum

Bali Museum is one of the old buildings that still intact to this day. Located in downtown of Denpasar, precisely in the east Puputan Badung Square and adjacent to the great Jagat Natha temple. The form of museum extends from north to south and it is divided into two parts. Old building complex built-in 1910. The attraction of Bali Museum is the museum of the past human storage and ethnography. The structure's physical of the building is a combination of a physical structure or the court. There are collections of ethnographic objects include tools and equipment life, religion, arts, language and other writings that reflect the life and development of Balinese culture.


The collections in the museum have been in as many as 10.506 registration pieces, including a copy of manuscript and papyrus. All of the type of collection obtained from public, art shop, gift or deposit. Some groups such collection of Stupa inventory with the material collection of hundreds of coin, ceramics (Europe, China), and porcelain from China, Japan, and Siam. Bali Museum building is based concept of 3 Mandala, they are Mandala insult, Mandala middle, and Mandala principal. In the main room mandala consists of the 3 buildings, namely:

  • Tabanan building, pavilion with typical architecture, antiquities stored as objects of art, accessories, housewares, appliances ceremony, and an assortment of traditional weapons.
  • Buleleng building, Building North Balinese style architecture tools stored household items, craft tools, agricultural tools and fishing, entertainment appliances, primitive sculptures from clay, stone, and more.
  • Karangasem building, Bali-style building with architectural objects stored Eastern prehistory, archeology, ethnography, art as well as some modern paintings.