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Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan Island is the largest of three Gili and farthest from the island of Lombok. It takes about 45 minutes by speedboat. The Gili Trawangan Island has a fairly dense population and densely populated inhabited the east.

The history of the island, formerly the headquarters of the Japanese army to wander the allies, that's the name of the island in the call Gili Trawangan. Another history states that the island is dumping prisoners who no longer have a place in the kingdom of detention authority. Approximately 350 people rebel Sasak exiled to the island. Around 1870 many new arrivals to the island of Sulawesi and then set up his residence here.

Gili Trawangan Island also called single people who wants to enjoy the glamorous world of entertainment nightly. Almost every night at a party held island is held in turn at each spot crowd. The atmosphere in the island were either party on appeal two other small islands, Gili Air and Meno. Most who come to Gili Trawangan island is a happy young tourist with a party atmosphere. Hotel lodging more tends to adopt to a resort, villas or bungalows that meet in the eastern islands. Popular activities undertaken by tourists are scuba diving with PADI certified obtain, snorkelling, kayaking, surfing or riding around in vehicles and other.