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Gili Air

Gili Air is one part of dike that there are three islands in Lombok. On this island, there are earthen water snorkelling and diving spot love for the miss. Gili Air Island with area of ​​water is 170 hectares and is home rare. The island is favourite tourist spot for to relax and engage in social interaction with native peoples.

Walking along the beach enjoying the beautiful Gili Air, reflecting how beautiful island is. Cover the vast stretches of white sand, crystal clear sea with blue colour, line around coral reefs and reef fish that always accompany to explore the nature.

Besides the beautiful beaches, the island also has several service operators who will accompany to dive underwater world. They also offer and provide short courses to know about diving. Snorkelling place can go to the east part of Gili Air Island. The visitor pamper with coral fish dance will accompany along snorkelling activity. The place used to do the snorkelling is very easy to accomplish, just need to walk few meter to the edge of beach. Snorkelling area has depth of up to 3 meters.