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Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan Beach located on the southern part of Lombok Islands with unique texture. Tanjung Aan beach is broad enough to laced and there are hills like barrier, walking on the white sands, smooth feel on your feet. Sand shaped like pepper grains are ubiquitous and slightly reddish colour. On the shore, sea looked yellowish and greenish and blue furthest accompanied by white foam.

Long coastline of Tanjung Aan beach approximately 1 kilometre with natural atmosphere, making anyone interested to visit. It is about 90 km at southern part if you start from down town and it will be with smooth road condition.

If you want quiet beach atmosphere, peaceful, white sand, clear water, calm waves, coral reefs and exotic full sun for sunbathing, Tanjung Aan beach is the most appropriate choice. At the beach can feel sensation of walking distance of white sand of therapy peppercorns that. Activities sunbathing, swimming around in a boat or just admire the beauty of panorama creation of God almighty.