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Senggigi Beach Lombok is a major regional tourist destination located on the island of Lombok. Located about 20 kilometers north of the airport  Selaparang Lombok and can be reached by road. The beauty lies in the Senggigi beach at sunset, lovely ambiance pampering our eyes during a visit there. Sunset with the backdrop of Mount Agung Bali gives a little mystical but has exciting atmosphere.

Besides the clean beaches with white sand, a few surfers also can play in the water surfing snail shaped headland area. There are several restaurants, pamper your tongue with typical local food and Lombok are like satay bulayak a refreshing young coconut.

Senggigi Beach Lombok is a tourist destination that has a fairly rapid development. There are several variations of food restaurant lining the main street. Bars and discos will also pamper you if you want sparkling world atmosphere. Some souvenir shops are also available if you want to buy souvenirs or souvenirs. Five star hotels and some budget hotel you can use if you want to enjoy a night around Senggigi beach area that glitters at night time.