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Kuta beach is one of Lombok tourist attractions. This is white sand beach located in Kuta village. Kuta started become tourist destination since the establishment of many new hotels. Besides the natural beauty offered in the village, there is also Bau Nyale ceremony performed once a year in Kuta village.

In ceremony, the sailors are looking for worms Nyale together at sea. According to legend, the former was princess named Mandalika, which is very pretty and a lot of princes wanted to marry her. Because she can’t take a decision, she was confused and decided to plunge into the sea. But she promised beforehand that she comes back once a year. Mandalika princess long hair then becomes worm Nyale.

Kuta village with its white sand beaches located in the southern part of Lombok and it is surrounded by hills around it. In the morning time, it offers stunning views that can be seen from the top of hills. In addition, there are many other beaches that are not less interesting along the southern coast. Some other beaches are: Mawi beach, Seger, Tanjung Aan, Selong Belanak, Rowok and Mawun beach. Two of the last beach is great for wind surfing and other beach sports activities.