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Singosari Temple

Singosari is another Hindus temple in East Java and located in Candirenggo village, Malang. It was discovered in early of 18th century circa 1800 - 1850 as the temple tower of Dutch. The possibility, giving this name because it’s shape resembles a tower. Also ever given name of Cella temple by archaeologist from Europe, referring to four openings in the wall of body section. According to information from W. Van Schmid who visited this temple in 1856, the locals gave it the name of Dome temple. At the end of the name, which until now was used because located Singosari, some people call the temple because it is in Renggo village, so namely Renggo temple.

Singosari temple buildings form arguably, because the temple has 2 levels. The Chambers should be in the body of the temple, but the temple of Singosari actually contained in the foot of temple. Chambers initially also contained inside of Durgamahisasuramardhini statue, Ganesha statue at the east part and the south part is usual statue of ascetics which known as Rishi Agastya. However, currently only a statue of Agastya, while others have been taken away in to Leiden of Netherlands. The reason why Agastya statue was not brought to Netherlands, caused condition of statue has been damaged due to a severe. So, it was not considered feasible brought as gifts to the ruler of the Netherlands at the time.

Singosari temple is one of Hindus temple in East Java area and right now is getting more people come and learn it. The government take care of this temple and become one of temple tourism spot.