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Badut Temple

Badut temple is another Hindus temple and one of tourism spot in East Java of Indonesia. The temple located in Tidar village, countryside of Malang. Badut temple is relic of King Gajayana Kanjuruhan in the kingdom. It was estimated to have more than 1.400 years old and that was founded in the year 760 AD.

Badut name derived from Sanskrit language meaning Bha and Dyut, highlight star Canopus or highlight of Agastya. Badut temple was discovered by Maureen Brencher (Dutch man) around the year of 1814. When it was found, the temple looks just mound rock, rubble on the ground. After restoration of the temple, it was apparently already collapsed and the only remaining part of the foot. There were still remnants of this temple there are statues; Ganesha, Agastya, Mahakala and Nadiswara statues. There is only statue of Durga Mahesasuramardhini was remaining.

Badut temple been renovated twice, the first time was in the year of 1925 - 1926 and the second time was in 1990 - 1991. Now days, the temple became a tourist attraction that has a square plan. In addition, Badut temple often held religious ceremonies for Hindu people who live around. Badut temple relatively quiet, because facilities are not adequate to the temple. It is unfortunate that the cultural and historic heritage is less so in demand by local people.