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Mount Kelud

Mount Kelud is an active volcano located on the border between Kediri and Blitar, East Java. It has a height of 1.731 above sea level and can be accessed through the district of Kediri and Blitar. Mount Kelud peak about 40 kilometers from the town of Kediri or about 1 hour away by van to get there. The condition of paved roads, just a lot of rise and fall is quite steep. So be aware of the vehicle that is used if want to come here.

Before entering into the crater of Mount Kelud, there is a path leading down to the river thermal baths, perfect for soaking, which is said to cure various skin diseases and can increase stamina. At least can warm the body, as the temperature is cold enough around the area.

To reach the crater of Mount Kelud, need to go through the tunnel with a length of about 200 meters. The tunnel is quite dark, despite being available lighting, but it was a sensation even as he passed. After the tunnel then see a direction that will lead to lava dome and viewing post. In mount Kelud sights available various facilities that can enjoy. Starting from ample parking, food stalls and adequate sanitary facilities.