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Sukamade turtle beach located 97 kilometers southwest of the city of Banyuwangi, precisely located within the Sukamade, Barongan Village, District Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi, East Java - Indonesia. For thousands of years the beach has become spawning grounds for giant turtles from Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean region. Beaches are still part of Meru National Park Betiri.

The Sukamade beach is most in demand by domestic and foreign tourists. Many found the monkey Macaca and accustomed to the visitors. Visitors can enjoy a walk through the expanse of lowland tropical rain forest with footpath access. The view can be enjoyed along this path like: collection of big bats, deer, monitor lizards, wild boar and many species of birds including albatrosses.

At night, the Sukamade turtle beach will turn into heaven. One by one the turtles will emerge from the sea to the mainland shore to spawn. This is eagerly awaited by tourists, especially foreign tourists. Because it is so rare to observe the treatment should be extra careful. Visitors are not allowed to turn on the lights and sounds rowdy while at the beach. The turtle spawning process itself takes about 3 hours of riding to the beach to go back to sea again. Existing facilities at Sukamade turtle beach include: cottage accommodation, camping ground which is equipped with a meeting room of the hall, the tourist trail, information centers, laboratories and lodge work.