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When visiting the spectacular of Borobudur Buddhist temple, it is not the sole place of interest within space. Shortly from Borobudur is remarkable very little village known as Candirejo, that is undoubtedly price to visit. For prospect from modern life, designate couple of days to look at, learn and skill life during this this quaint city, wherever ancient traditions are still followed and this village is best identified for the way it is maintained the genuineness of such traditions. Candirejo village was found within the Borobudur district and it is about 3 kilometres southeast of Borobudur temple.

The village is ready amidst lush inexperienced fields and tropical rainforests, and inhabited with friendly folks. Candirejo village is alleged to be logo of Javanese culture wherever guests will expertise and participate during type of cultural attractions and activities. Several homemade handicrafts and souvenirs are created here, like beds, benches and bookshelves of bamboo, and luggage and mats manufactured from Pandanus all of that is accessible for purchase.

The word of Candirejo was combination of 2 Javanese words: Candi and Rejo. Candi means temple, however it also can mean stone, and Candirejo happens to be quite of stony space. The word Rejo means fertile, therefore once place along. Candirejo got its name because the land was jam pack with stones, however it remained the fertile land.