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Sukuh is unique temple and explain human fertility with the art of love-making. If someone says a taboo, it is really petty to those who say so. Besides this temple is not lost in the art of love making as a portrait of what is written in the book of Kamasutra. It is ironic that the very high culture such as temples and book Kamasutra Sukuh of India categorized as taboo and banned in Indonesia. Books about Sukuh temple complete with a picture of his statue. Sukuh reliefs no less intense when compared with the Kamasutra book from India.

Many high artistic statues are no longer in Sukuh temple, because nude art forms and themes have also entered the category of taboo and should be stored separately. With the condition statement taboo among Indonesia culture, the foreign researchers a better understanding of Indonesian citizens own the actual, the owner of Sukuh temple.

Sukuh temple is in Berjo village, village of Sukuh, District Ngayoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java Province and it is about 35 kilometers from the city of Solo. Cool air and fresh located on the slopes of mount Lawu about 1.100 meters above sea level. Sukuh was built around its expiration glory of Majapahit. Majapahit kingdom was in the village center Trowulan able to talk to this Sukuh. Borobudur, Ratu Boko temples, Demak, it was glory of Majapahit kingdom.