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Dieng is a plateau on the border between Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regencies, Central Java. Dieng is divided into 2 areas: West Dieng is in Batur, Banjarnegara and South Dieng in Kejajar, Wonosobo. Dieng area is located approximately 26 kilometres to the north of Wonosobo, reaching a height of 2.093 meters above sea level and with cool temperatures approaching winter.

Dieng plateau has a high tourism potential and there are many relics of the Hindu temple. With a name taken from the temple as a puppet of life, including the presence of God in Heaven at the Top Mahameru Loka in East Java. At least, the life of puppetry in Java is very thick penetrated the heart and soul of the Java community. Actually, life puppetry originated from India and Indonesia together into Hinduism in Java.

The temples in the Dieng plateau as an early sign of Hindu civilisation on the island of Java in the Sanjaya in the 7th century. This is indicated by the cluster of temples in Dieng who worshiped Lord Shiva. Temples are: Arjuna temple, Semar Temple, Puntadewa temple, and Sembadra temple. While naming temples itself only began in the 19th century. Reliefs and follows the lives of puppets made ​​from Andesite rocks. There are also other attractions like Crater Sikidang, Colour and Mirror lakes.