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Ceto temple lies in Kemuning village of Jenawi, Karanganyar and approximately 43 kilometers from Surakarta or Solo city. This highland is lovely fresh, green, cold water and offers beautiful scenery surround. Most of the local people live from growing land such as a former and work on the field.

Ceto temple is a Hindu main place where the come for worships by local people. Being on top of the hill of tea plantation gardens, that has an exotic charm and enchanting. Located on the hillside of mount Lawu, Ceto temple is not so famous as other Hindu temple like Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta, but it is really charming with atmosphere of wisdom place, a thick atmosphere of worship in the temple.

Consists of 7 levels with 3 arrangement as the main building, which is on the last level with 3 illustrates that the level of the main building and thickened at the level of Hindus Caste like; the Brahmin caste, Warrior Caste and Sudra Caste. To get the seven levels building, the first ladder will be able to see the two stone statues overlooking the gate and there was only new building at this complex is security post.

This Ceto temple will be very much busy when Hindus people from Java and Bali celebrate their holly secret day. The come with flower for little ceremonial and will offer at the end of praying.