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Borobudur temple is the largest temple relic of Buddhism in 8th century AD. Borobudur temple is so impressive and sturdy so famous throughout the world. Valuable heritage was once one of seven wonders building of the world.

The Borobudur temple did not escape the mystery about how to make it. The mystery is a lot of speculative opinions that gave birth to controversy. Borobudur has the basic structure terraces stones, with 6 yard squares, three round circular courtyard and a main Stupa as a peak at the top. Also scattered in all the court was several Stupas. Borobudur was built on a hill, a row of small hills that extends to the south west and south east with a length of 123 meters, 123 meters wide and 34.5 meters high measured from the flat land surrounding the hilltop evenly. Borobudur temple looks quite complex if it seen from parts built. Consisting of 10 levels of floor where the rate of 1-6 square and the rest of the round. The temple walls are filled with pictures 1.460 relief panels and there are as many as 504 statues that complement the temple.

Temple Building Materials
Land that serves as the core foundation soil Borobudur temple is divided into two, namely land and land forming hills. The land was deliberately made for the purpose of construction of the Borobudur temple adapted to the shape of the building. The land is added on top of the original soil as filler and shape morphology of the temple. The land was arranged by the finder of Borobudur temple and it was not a result of the restoration work. Land soil thickness is not uniform though located on the same floor, which is between 0.5 to 8.5 meters. Borobudur constituent rock type andesite with high porosity, pore content of about 32%-46%, and the pore holes with one another are not interconnected. Strong compressive strength of the relatively low when compared to similar rock compressive strength.

Every May each year in full moon time is held ceremony of Sidharta Buddha Gautama birthday and visited by Buddhist people from all of Indonesia and other countries as well. The ceremony starts from Mendut temple to Pawon temple and finish at Borobudur temple by walking for about 2 kilometers.